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What is the „Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge – 10 Wochen Onlinekurs“ all about? LINK in description

Dear friends, how are you doing?

This is Max. You already know that I have created two amazing new online courses designed to make you speak from day one and reach a new level of fluency in German! As promised, today I want to present to you the 10 week online program that I have created. It’s title is “Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge ONLINEKURS (Paket B): Dein 10 Wochen Programm“ and it is available NOW until August 31st. You can simply click on the link below.

You want to talk to REAL people and have decent conversations with natives in German, isn’t that right? You want to immerse yourself in this language and be able to express yourself effortlessly. You strive for fluency and want to speak the language in a natural and intuitive way. The good news is: I have heard you. I am here to help and I have a very simple goal: Let me help you speak German once and for all. I want to share with you proven techniques and strategies that REALLY work and that will help YOU learn German 10 times faster. This is why I have created the 10 week online program especially for you.

This program is not simply a standalone online course: Instead, it is an effective program designed to make you fluent in German and I accompany you on your journey.

This is an intense 10 week online course for all people who want to take their German to a higher level over the course of 10 weeks. This is NOT an isolated online course. This program runs 10 weeks and starts on September 1st. Don’t worry. If you are busy on September 1st or September 2nd, you have enough time to catch up. On September 8th, I will go on and upload the audio files, exercises, worksheets and so on for week 2. That way, you get new content each and every week and we create a learning experience journey for you. Also, you have lifelong access to all materials in the program. I even offer you a 90 day email support from September 1st onwards.

Speaking of which: Let me explain how you can sign up for the course?

It is very simple. All you have to do is to click on the link I provide in the description or below and you will be transferred to the sales page. The program starts on September 1st and I will upload the first batch of learning material on that day. BUT: You can only register for the program until August 31st. After that, registrations will be closed and you cannot enrol in the program. But you need to be fast! There are only 50 spots available in the program meaning that only the first 50 participants who sign up can buy the course. You better hurry and sign up for the course. The clock is ticking.

Vergiss nicht, dir mein tolles eBook gratis zu downloaden.Das eBook heißt: „Wie du endlich selbstbewusst Deutsch sprichst: 5 Schritte für deinen Erfolg.“ Das eBook enthält einfache, und sofort umsetzbare Tipps und Schritte für deinen Erfolg für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Alles, was du dafür tun musst, ist folgendes: Abonniere meinen Newsletter in folgenden Link, dann sende ich dir das eBook sofort zu! http://languagehackswithmax.com/newsletter/

 After you register, you will have access to weekly new content. I upload conversation simulations (mp3 files) as well as their transcripts, you get to engage in quizzes, fill-in-the-blank exercises, writing exercises, make recordings of your own and send them to me, grammar challenges and much more. If you take on this challenge, be prepared to commit to the course and maximize your learning results. The more you dive in and participate during the program, the better your results will be!

What will you get? Let me show you  exactly why the course is RIGHT for YOU

You receive new content each week over the course of 10 weeks: Audios, transcripts, exercises, cheatsheets, grammar tests, writing exercises, the ability to upload your own recordings and receive my feedback on them and much more.

You’ll have +5 hours of audio at your disposal: That is 10 mp3 files of original and motivating content in German. Professional audio quality, recorded by me, a German native and founder of Aleman para Hispanohablantes & Deutsch Einfach Lernen. All audios are 100% in German! You won’t have to use any dictionaries in the course! This course is designed to make you SPEAK FLUENTLY in German. Thus, I cut right to the chase and make you speak from day (or better minute) one!

You can download and work through more than 100 pages of German transcripts (PDF). All transcripts are written and available in German.

You learn with the help of 10 engaging and original mini-story lessons and conversation simulations. This question and answer program comes with rich and interesting stories. Trust me, you will be speaking and learning vocabulary in an effortless and intuitive way. The mini-story lessons and conversation simulations form the following story „Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland“.

Of course, I want you to solve10 quizzes: After each conversation simulation, you will be asked to solve quizzes and tests what you have learnt.

I provide you with +30 writing exercises and multiple choice questions: While this course focuses on your listening comprehension for daily conversations in German, it is essential that you also improve your writing ability. I challenge you to write short answers to my questions, some of them will target the mini-story lessons and some of them will be more general. Either way, you’ll greatly benefit from your active participation. Additionally, I will test your knowledge regarding idioms and important German phrases through multiple choice questions.

+20 fill-in-the-blank-questions and worksheets for self study: We will reinforce what you have learnt and apply it with the help of fun and interesting cloze questions. You will tremendously benefit from this cognitive exercise as it will require you to review what you have learnt and apply it to tricky questions in context. Additonally, I want to you be able to study on your own and work through the provided worksheets.

Of course, in the following week the results for the previous week will be published. That way you can doublecheck your progress and compare your answers to the solution. Of course, in the following week the results for the previous week will be published. That way you can doublecheck your progress and compare your answers to the solution.

Upload your own recordings and let me review them:
You heard it right. We will switch perspectives when I ask you to upload short recordings and reply to specific questions. Afterwards I will have a look at it (or rather I’ll listent to it) and get back to you with my suggestions/answers.
30 Seiten Kurzgeschichten (PDF): Pablo und Lucia – Pleiten, Pech und Pannen. Eine tolle und wertvolle Sammlung von den Erlebnissen von Pablo und Lucia auf Deutsch. NOCH MEHR KONVERSATIONSUEBUNGEN! This gift is available in week 11.

Das Deutsch Survivalpaket: Das Paket hilft dir dabei, in Deutschland zu überleben und wichtige Sätze zu beherrschen. In diesem 28-seitigen PDF erhältst du 89 wichtige Deutsche Sätze für deinen Alltag, zum Beispiel für das Einkaufen, für das Restaurant, oder beim Flirten. Ja, du hast richtig gehört. FLIRTEN auf Deutsch! Du erhaeltst das tolle PDF sowohl mit spanischen als auch mit englischen Uebersetzungen – fuer jeden also ein echtes Juwel!. Außerdem warten auf dich zwei tolle Bonusinhalte in diesem PDF. This gift is available in week 12.

You receive lifetime access to the course – you determine your own pace: Pay once and get access to all materials for the rest of your life!

You are part of a community of like-minded German learners: You can comment or ask questions on every single lesson. I can read every single comment and I make an effort to reply to you personally!

I’ll give you a  guide that explains, in detail, how to use the lessons. You will know exactly what to do at each point of your learning process!

The course is available 24/7: You can enjoy the course on your favorite device: on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, …

Audios presented by an enthusiastic native German speaker (Maximilian)

Last but not least: You get the following BONUS! I include a free 90 days e-mail support. An exclusive offer to contact me and ask me questions regarding the course. Also, if you struggle and need specific help, reach out to me and I will get back to you. You will be able to interact with me. You will not be alone in mastering German!

Course Requirements: What do you need to know to benefit most from this program?

If you know some German, but you have difficulties speaking it, this is your course! If you are already intermediate and you really want to get to the next level, this course is exactly what you need, too! Anyone who is looking to make huge progress on his or her speaking skills in German needs this course! Also, you need to have the willpower and courage to stick to this program.

Who should NOT buy and enrol in this course?

Absolute beginners
Very advanced and professional German speakers
People who prefer boring and traditional ways of practicing Germans

By the way:
For all people who prefer a standalone audio course with little engagement and less interaction. No worries, I got you guys covered. I recommend you getting the following course „Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge ONLINEKURS (Paket A): Spreche fließend Deutsch in nur 3 Monaten mit dem Konversationssimulator“:

COURSE LINKS: Here you can sign up for the course(s)

Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge ONLINEKURS (Paket B): Dein 10 Wochen Programm:


Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge ONLINEKURS (Paket A): Spreche fließend Deutsch in nur 3 Monaten mit dem Konversationssimulator:


Wie gefallen dir meine Minihistorias und mein Kanal? Hast du Fragen, Verbesserungsvorschläge oder sonstige Tipps für mich? Ich würde mich sehr über dein Feedback freuen. Recuerda: Puedes contactar con migo en www.languagehackswithmax.com. Ó tambien me puedes enviar un e-mail a maximilian@maximilianwittmann.de.

Danke, dass du bei der heutigen Episode dabei warst! Hat dir die Episode und unser Dialog gefallen? Willst du keine zukünftigen Episoden verpassen und Deutsch mit mir lernen? Kein Problem, dann melde dich bei meinem Newsletter an bei LanguageHacksWithMax.com, abonniere meinen Kanal auf YouTube (Aleman para Hispanohablantes), höre meinen Podcast Aleman para Hispanohablantes und folge mir. Ich möchte die Art und Weise, wie du Deutsch lernst revolutionieren und noch interaktiver gestalten. Deshalb würde ich mich riesig freuen, wenn du regelmäßig meinem Kanal folgst und mit mir lernst. Ich habe Spaß daran, dir Deutsch beizubringen und dich zum Beispiel mit Minihistorias fit zu machen.

Denk dran, der Schlüssel zum Erfolg beim Deutsch Lernen ist viel zu sprechen, zu hören, Dialoge zu üben und Deutsch in deinem Alltag fest zu verankern. Es muss mehr als nur eine langweilige Sprache sein. Es soll Teil deines Alltags werden und vor allem Spaß machen. Eine tolle Übung, um dein Deutsch zu automatisieren und um wirklich flüssig zu werden, sind sogenannte Kurzgeschichten oder Minihistorias mit Dialogen auf Deutsch.

Zusätzlich empfehle ich dir mein kostenloses Deutsch Survival Paket als PDF. Dieses kannst du dir einfach im Link in der Videobeschreibung herunterladen und musst dich dafür nur mit deiner E-Mail Adresse anmelden. Machen wir weiter mit der heutigen Minihistoria.

Übrigens: Die Mitschrift zum heutigen Podcast (die Transcripts) findest du kostenlos zum Nachlesen unter LanguageHackswithMax.com! Noch einmal zur Erinnerung:

Ich habe ein Deutsch Survival-Paket als PDF für dich erstellt mit vielen Bonus und Extras und das Beste ist, komplett GRATIS! In diesem 28 seitigen PDF erhältst du 89 wichtige Deutsche Sätze für deinen Alltag, zum Beispiel für das Einkaufen, für das Restaurant, oder beim Flirten. Ja, du hast richtig gehört. FLIRTEN auf Deutsch! Außerdem warten auf dich zwei tolle Bonusinhalte in diesem PDF. Deshalb nichts wie los und lade dir dein kostenloses PDF unter dem Link in der Videobeschreibung bzw. Podcastbeschreibung. Das PDF ist komplett kostenlos und hilft dir dabei, in Deutschland zu überleben und wichtige Sätze zu beherrschen. Viel Spaß dabei und weiter geht es mit unserer Minihistoria.

Bis zur nächsten Episode und machs gut.

Dein Maximilian

El link que te lleva a mi Podcast: https://anchor.fm/alemanparahispanohablante

El link que te lleva a mis Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqB10Hfny36kcF_oo-fEfw/

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